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What is Plasma Skin Tightening?

Plasma Pen is a small handheld device used by professionals to treat a variety of skin concerns. Plasma is considered the 4th state of matter and is created when gases in the air are ionized with the help of the Plasma Pen. A small plasma charge known as an arc is created and used to treat problematic skin without spreading the charge to surrounding skin.

The discharge results in the sublimation of fluids contained in superficial parts of the skin, without any unwanted heat transmission to adjacent tissue. Using the Plasma Pen I am able to treat very specific areas of the epidermis without affecting the surrounding skin or risk of damaging deeper layers of the skin.

What is Plasma Pen used for?

Plasma Pen is ideal to treat a number of concerns such as:

Eyelid lifting (non-surgical blepharoplasty)

Wrinkle smoothing

Crows feet

Marionette lines

Smokers lines

Skin tightening

Scar removal 

What is the timeframe for the Plasma Fibroblast treatment?

It is important to note that the timeframe for the Fibroblast treatment differs depending on the nature of the skin area that needs to be treated. If in any case there is an application of an anesthetizing cream, then it usually takes close to 30 minutes for effect to be noticed. Generally, the maximum timeframe given for the Fibroblast treatment does not exceed an hour.

How painful is the Plasma Fibroblast Treatment?

A prescription numbing cream is applied prior to the procedure for the utmost patient comfort, there should be little to no pain during the procedure. The patient can commence his or her normal day-to-day activity immediately after the treatment has taken place. The reason is that there is not cut or stitching of any wound as a result of the treatment. Although after treatment the treated area is slightly swollen, it eventually subsides in approximately three days. The slight redness that comes as a result of the nonsurgical treatment erases after a period of two or three days. It is extremely important to note that certain areas cause more swelling, ie. eyelids, so it is the patient's preference if they choose to take a few days for downtime.

What are the side effects of the Plasma Fibroblast treatment?

Few of the side effects that are likely to happen include scars and change of skin, which does not last long.

The swelling takes no more than three days to normalize. Some spots are left on the patient’s skin that has been treated and it is important to not touch these carbon crusts, as they are part of the healing process.

What are the unusual complications that are likely to occur?

There are no complications reported, because Fibroblast lift treatment is

recommended to be the safest means for skin tightening treatments.

Can makeup be used after the treatment process?

Since the area of the skin that was treated will still be covered with the carbon layers caused by the Fibroblast handpiece, it is encouraged that the patient should stay away from makeup for the period that the carbon layers are still on the treated area. The crust falls typically within seven days. Patients are NOT TO PICK at the carbon spots. Patients are also advised to stay away from moisture.

How soon can the Fibroblast treatment become effective?

The way the human body responds to stimulus varies from person to person. Some patients get an immediate effect of the Fibroblast treatment even though it takes within four weeks for the treated area to be completely healed. 

Some patients may undergo the Fibroblast treatment more than once.

Is it advisable to undergo more than one treatment?

The answer to this question largely depends on the desired result that the

patient wants to achieve. Sometimes, patients may not have to undergo the treatment more than once if the size of the treatment area is not significant. As usual, the time frame for the full effect of Plasma Fibroblast lift treatment is within six weeks. However, if the patient is not satisfied with the result, such patient can be booked for another treatment after six weeks of the initial treatment.

Does the Plasma Fibroblast treatment effect last for a long time?

Giving an accurate timeframe for the Fibroblast treatment effect to last is quite difficult to say.  Advancement of the body (aging) is influenced by 

various elements. Some of the features that affect aging includes the lifestyle of the individual, what they eat and hereditary factors. 

A permanent treatment has not been discovered yet, but the Fibroblast treatment lasts longer. 

How long it lasts depends on the rate of aging on an individual’s body.

How safe is the Plasma Fibroblast lift treatment?

The safe operation of the Fibroblast handpiece has made the tool a popular one, and its use has spread across 

Europe and now North America.

       Procedure/Price List

     Upper Eye Lid $775

     Lower Eye Lid $575
Both Upper & Lower Lids $1250
Upper Lip $400
Lower Lip $300
Both Upper & Lower Lip $600
Crows Feet $375
Frown Line $250
Forehead $450
Fine Facial Lines $250
Jowls $775
Neck Lift $1150
Tummy $1250
Arms $1000
Full Face $2500
Skin Tag Removal $50/tag
Sun Spot Removal $50/spot