Age Defy Rx

What is EndyMed?

Safe & Comfortable With Minimum Downtime

Minimal and non-invasive procedures that are completely safe and comfortable for all skin types with no side effects and minimal to no downtime

Totally Personalized Treatments

Real time personalized treatment parameters that are based on your unique skin impedance for the ultimate treatment experience

Combined Treatment Modalities

Flexible treatments that can combine tightening and contouring with fractional and microneedle modalities to increase treatment efficacy and provide truly outstanding results


3DEEP RF tightening, contouring, fractional and microneedling technologies provide unparalleled deep volumetric heating that results in effective collagen remodeling for maximum treatment efficacy



How many treatments will I need? 

Please keep in mind that collagen is not produced overnight, but the results are long lasting. It is assumed that several treatments will be required for desired results. For facial tightening, the latest protocol is a suggested series of 6 treatments for face, neck or chest, 7 days apart, approx 30 minute session. For body tightening a series of 6-8+ is to be expected, 7 days apart.

For Fractional  & Intensif (Needling) Treatments, it will vary based on area of concern, expect a series of 2-4 over 1-2 months.

Are the treatments safe?

ENDYMED's 3DEEP technology has been clinical validated and proven safe by over 40 independent clinical studies, published in international industry journals. Our treatment platforms have been designed with the most sophisticated safety features to ensure that you receive the most comfortable and effective treatment experience.

Is there any downtime after treatments?

ENDYMED's facial and neck tightening treatments have no downtime. There may be a slight pinkish blush to the skin after treatments that typically fades after 1-2 hours. You can absolutely return to your daily routine immediately after treatments. 

For FSR & Intensif Treatments (Needling) Following the treatment, the body clears the damaged tissue with a new, younger

looking tissue.

Following the fractional treatments, mild to moderate Edema and Erythema will be seen on

the skin for up to 24-48 hours. Small crusts may also appear, for up to a week, depending on

the type of treatment and the parameters used

What should I expect from my ENDYMED treatments?

You should expect a comfortable and safe treatment experience. As your treatments progress, you will experience increasingly visible improvements to your skin, improvements that will continue for 3 months after the completion of your last treatment

EndyMed Prices

RF Skin Tightening

(3-6 treatments may be required)

Eyes $175

Neck $250

Neck and Chest Combined $375

Face and Neck $500

Full Face including Jawline $375

Full Face, Neck and Chest $575

RF Body Contouring

(3-8 treatments may be required)

Stomach $275

Upper Arms $275

Buttocks $350

Thighs- Front, Side and Back $350

Knees $225

RF Fractional Skin Resurfacing (FSR)

Full Face $400

Neck $400

Face and Neck $700

Full Face, Neck and Chest $900

Neck and Chest $700

RF Intensif

Full Face $450

Neck $450

Full Face, Neck and Chest $750

Neck and Chest $525

Purchase a package of any 3 of the same EndyMed treatments and receive a 15% discount*

*EndyMed treatments to be paid in full at time of first treatment to take advantage of promos


3 Skin Tightening Face

2 Intensif Full Face or 2 FSR Full Face

$1500 (value $2125)